Top Reasons for Joining Feltl and Company

  • Feltl and Company representatives are independent contractors, which entitles them to substantial tax deductions that are not available to employees. This includes deductions for business expenses, self-employment taxes, health insurance premiums, contributions to a Health Savings Account, and up to $53,000 in retirement contributions to a SEP plan, rather than the $18,000 limit for employees on 401K plans.
  • Feltl and Company encourages the entrepreneurial spirit of its representatives. Feltl and Company does not pressure its representatives to push any particular products, funds, or services as so many other firms seem to do. Feltl and Company representatives are thus free to pursue the investment strategies that work best for their customers, as long as such strategies are consistent with the rules of the securities industry.
  • Feltl and Company is a full-service brokerage and investment banking firm. Feltl and Company makes available to its representatives a broad range of products and services, including individual stocks and bonds, mutual funds, managed money, variable annuities, and other insurance-based products.
  • Feltl and Company has a payout rate as high as 60% of gross commissions. To qualify for the highest payout rate of 60%, a representative is required to generate $10,000 in monthly gross commissions. Once that threshold has been met, the 60% payout rate is applied retroactively to every dollar of commission generated during the month. Minimum payout is 50%.
  • In these uncertain times, Feltl and Company representatives and their customers take great comfort knowing that all Feltl and Company investment accounts are held at NFS, which is backed by Fidelity Investments – one of the largest and most sophisticated investment firms in the world. In addition to standard SIPC coverage, all Feltl and Company accounts are insured through NFS up to the full value of the account. (Like SIPC coverage, this excess insurance that NFS provides covers a potential failure of the brokerage firm, but does not cover the loss in market value of any particular investment or portfolio of investments.) Learn More ›

Unparalleled Access to Leaders and Product

"Moving to Feltl and Company was the single most important decision in my career! It has enabled me to grow my business due to the entrepreneurial approach and unparalleled access to leaders and product. I have had 100% client retention through the move."

  • Through Feltl and Company’s clearing relationship with National Financial Services LLC (“NFS”), a Fidelity Investments Company, Feltl and Company representatives have at their disposal all of the “bells and whistles” of a much larger firm, including state of the art technology, access to funds and managed money programs, and national research. Learn More ›
  • Although Feltl and Company offers products and services comparable with the national wirehouses, it is still a small firm where it’s always easy to “talk to the top.” Feltl and Company’s senior management team and its operations department are located in its headquarters in Minneatonka, and they are extremely accessible to all Feltl and Company representatives. At Feltl and Company, there’s not a lot of red-tape or hierarchy. Feltl and Company representatives are encouraged to go straight to the person most likely to resolve their particular issue. Learn More ›
  • Feltl and Company has a very active and successful Investment Banking Department, raising money for growth companies through initial public offerings, follow-on public offerings, private placements, PIPEs, and bridge loans. Feltl and Company representatives who sell the firm’s private placements receive stock warrants on the shares they sell.
  • Because Feltl and Company’s Investment Banking Department is focused on growth companies, Feltl and Company is quite comfortable with representatives selling those types of stocks to their customers, as long as such investments are consistent with the customers’ investment needs and objectives. It seems many other firms prohibit or substantially limit the degree to which representatives are allowed to sell stock in smaller growth companies. At Feltl and Company, we still believe in the free enterprise system.

The items just discussed represent general propositions that are subject to certain qualifications. For more information on any topic discussed here, or for more information on joining Feltl and Company, please send us an email.

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